Getting A Six Pack: Foods That You Should Avoid

The journey to obtaining that magazine cover six pack is not without its fair share of sacrifice. Apart from sweating hours away at the gym, you should also be ready to do away with foods that undermine your goal. Basically, unhealthy foods will work against you by piling on more fat on your body or cutting off the energy you need to push ahead. Below, check out the foods you need to avoid in your fitness journey towards a six pack.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods may be invitingly delicious, but they are an enemy to your six pack ambitions. Basically, when you are trying to get a six pack, you want to be as lean as possible. And being lean means shedding as much fat as you can. Eating fatty foods, therefore, goes against everything you’re trying to do. It takes you back and forces you to work out for longer. Some of the fatty foods you should avoid include deep-fried foods and junk food.

Processed foods

You should also avoid processed foods if you want to enjoy that six pack sooner than later. Processed foods are those that have not been cooked but instead are manufactured and come wrapped in a packaging. A good example is cakes and doughnuts. Avoid these at all costs. Processed foods are full of starchy ingredients that simply end up in your body as fat.


Carbs are also to be avoided on the quest to flat abs. A few carbs are healthy but anything above the minimum will do you the same harm as processed foods. The thing with carbs is that the body requires very little of them. And any excess consumed is stored in the body as fat. With that in mind, watch out for foods made of flour, especially white bread.

Sugary foods and drinks

Sugar is usually converted to glucose in the body. Excess sugar is then turned into fat and stored as energy for later use. Unfortunately, lots of food items today are laden with sugar. Some of the most affected are soda, cakes, sweets, milk, cereals, and processed foods. Avoid these as much as possible. Instead, eat fruits and drink water if you need to stay hydrated.


You also have to say goodbye to snacks if you want to have that six pack. Snacks pile on the amount of calories that you eat every day. And that means adding to the fat that you are already working so hard to get rid of. Common snacks that you may be guilty of consuming include candy, chocolate, chips, pizza, cookies, biscuits, etc.

Say no to these foods and boost your fitness efforts by a mile.