Guide To Prohormone Stacking


Prohormones are unique chemical compounds that boost the effects of existing hormones in the body. These are not really hormones, on their own they have little or no hormonal effect on the body. Pro-Insulin and Pro-Opiomelanocortin are examples of naturally produced prohormones.

These are a weaker form of anabolic steroids. It acts as a catalyst in boosting the body’s ability to produce certain hormones needed. Athletes and bodybuilders use it to mostly build testosterones needed to enhance performance and body mass.


Testosterone is the primary compound needed by the body to make muscles and prohormones boost the body’s ability to create the same. Some of the benefits are:

1. Increasing the muscle mass of the body. This is the primary reason prohormones are taken by athletes and bodybuilders.
2. Increasing athletic performance, strength and endurance.
3. Giving a more manly appearance and voice. It also stimulates more facial hair growth.


Prohormone stacking is when two or more prohormones are combined to increase the effects for the body. Stacking is guaranteed to produce results faster. Some advantages of prohormone stacking include:
1. More ingredients to the body: Prohormone stacking gives the body more valuable ingredients as compared to when only one prohormone is taken.
2. Effective Combinations: Prohormones stacking gives the body an effective, specific and strategic combination of valuable ingredients needed to enhance performance and build muscle mass rapidly.
3. Customization: Prohormones stacking makes it possible to customize stacks to fit an individual’s need or body type.
4. Surpass plateau: Some bodybuilders reach a plateau where there is minimal or no gain regardless of the intensity or duration of the training. Prohormones stacks help break that plateau and stimulate new muscle growth and development.


The best prohormone stack is based on the individual’s need and body type. Individuals stack up for different reasons and the best prohormone stacks site can be placed under the following categories:

1. Bulking Prohormones: These are prohormone stacks that make you add muscle mass quickly.
2. Cutting Prohormones: These stacks shred layers of fat from the body and give you a lean, fit body.
There are other types of prohormone stacks like the endurance stack, the strength stack and the ultimate stack.
Though prohormones are a milder form of anabolic steroids, there are consequences to overdose or abuse of the drugs. Some side effects include:
1. Liver damage
2. Dizziness and nausea
3. Swollen prostate
4. Acne


When looking for a good prohormone stack to use to enhance performance and body mass, it is wise to do proper research to know which prohormone stack to use. Prohormone stacking is not advisable for beginners or for individuals below 21 years. Prohormones work better on a body that has undergone fitness training and proper diet. In a nutshell, this is only advisable for people who take bodybuilding seriously. If an appropriate dosage is followed this can prove to be an extremely effective tool.