Building A Steroid Cycle

The best steroid cycles usually start with an intent to push the body to the max, both physically and mentally. The way to do this is by first getting checked out by a doctor, to ensure that the body and the organs are all capable of handling this ordeal, because it is an ordeal. The liver must be strong, the heart and lungs must be strong and the body’s cholesterol levels and sugar levels must be on track. Any deficiencies in any of these areas poses a severe risk to the body. Once a doctor has cleared the patient, it is now time to seek out the best steroid cycle.

The steroid cycle essentially consists of a bulking and power phase and then a trimming and explosive phase. There’s no reason to do anything additional to these two phases as these two will provide the maximum results for steroids cycles. The minimum of a three month cycle is required to get the results one might expect.

The first phase would include the bulking phase where steroid cycles often start with Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Anadrol, Trenbolone or just pure Testosterone. These are very intense anabolic steroids that need to be taken with caution as they could provide negative impacts on the body. The side effects often cause water retention and thus cause the body to potentially hold onto estrogenic properties which could cause signs of enlarged breasts. Other androgenic effects could cause hair loss on the head, or the potential of extra hair being grown on the body. These effects need to be monitored closely and the cycle discontinued immediately if these signs show up. Besides gaining weight, the body will feel a surge of power and energy which should drive the body to push for harder and heavier workouts. Steroids like Deca Durabolin will help tremendously with healing the body and allowing it to recuperate following these extraordinarily heavy workouts.

If the body can overcome these side effects, then the cycle should only last a few weeks before moving onto the next cycle. The next cycle should include a trimming or cutting phase which puts the body into an adrenaline state and works the metabolism so that the body is not only working those newly formed large muscles, but also dropping pounds of fat during the process. The goal is for the body’s fat index to decrease a few percentage points so that the muscles can rip to the surface of the skin and the body can completely transform itself from big and bulky to big and ripped. Careful adherence to diet and continuous strenuous exercise is still required during this phase. There’s no time for break.

The best steroid stacks use multiple steroids during these cycles in order to aid the body in not only increase in strength and size but also in helping it to recuperate and to fight off the potential side effects that might occur. The best steroid stack should include more than a single steroid during the cycle. A steroid stack should be flexible based upon how the steroids might impact the user, and its been known that certain steroid stacks product the best results, but that specific combination can be found in a separate article.