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Medical Records


The following information is provided in order that we may protect our patients' private health information, and also serve their information needs in the most efficient manner.

The Medical Record Department is open to the public Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Any person requesting copies of a medical record, or requesting that we send copies of any part of a medical record to another party, must:

  • Complete the Emory-Adventist Hospital form titled, Authorization for Disclosure of Information, in its entirety.
  • Present at least one form of identification bearing his/her picture (i.e., driver's license, military identification card, etc...).
  • If not the patient, or the parent of a minor patient, present evidence of the authority by which he/she is legally permitted to authorize the release of the medical records of the patient concerned (i.e., medical power of attorney, court order appointing him/her the legal guardian of the patient concerned, etc...).
  • If the patient concerned is deceased, present a copy of the Certificate of Death, and if the requester is not the deceased's legal next-of-kin, a Letter of Testamentary must also be presented.

Copies of the medical record may be released directly to a physician or healthcare facility for continuing care purposes, however, a complete mailing address and telephone number must be provided. Medical records will not be faxed (except to a physician's office, when a request is received directly from that physician's office). The records will be mailed to, or may be picked up by, the intended recipient (as identified on the 'Authorization for Disclosure of Information' form).

In accordance with applicable state law, we do charge an Administrative fee for the retrieval of the medical record, copying (per page), postage, and certification (when requested). These fees must be paid in advance. (See fee schedule below.)  All requests are processed in the order in which they are received. We ordinarily require 2-4 working days to complete a request. In urgent circumstances, we will attempt to provide expedited service, subject to the availability and completion of the medical record(s) concerned.

If a requester elects to pick up the copies in person, he/she will be notified by telephone when they are ready. In the event the copies are not picked up within five working days, they will be mailed to the address provided on the 'Authorization for Disclosure of Information' form.

Emory-Adventist Hospital is not responsible for the confidentiality, accuracy, or security of copies of medical records after they are released to an authorized requester

The Release of Information desk can be reached by calling: 770-801-6681.

Fees charged for copies of medical records are regulated by Georgia state law., 31-33-3(a).  Rates are subject to change on July 1st of each year, pursuant to Office of Planning and Budget Review.

Current Fees

  • $25.88 Administrative Fee
  • 0.97 per page, for the first 20 pages
  • 0.83 per page, for pages 21 through 100
  • 0.66 per page, for each page in excess of 100 pages
  • $1.45 per page for microfilmed records
  • $9.70 for Certification of the copies
Fees for attorney's requests for workmen's compensation are as follows:
  • $30.00 minimum fee, for the first 150 pages or less
  • 0.20 per page, for each additional page over 150 pages
  • Additional fees are added to each for taxes and postage.
Make checks payable to: Infocopy