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Emory-Adventist Hospital's ER remains open and ready to meet your emergency needs. One feature that will be changing is our online ER registration system, which we will be disabling as of Wednesday, August 13th. While  this online feature will no longer be in use, our ER will remain fully functional. Patient safety and communication continue to be our top priorities as we transition to close the hospital by October 31. As other services at our hospital are changed or phased out, we will inform the community in a timely manner. Thank you for your continued loyalty to our hospital. We are proud to have been the first hospital in the country to offer patients this online ER registration service.

Here to Serve--Ready to Act

Emergency care is available 24/7 at Emory-Adventist Hospital at Smyrna (EAH).  Our ER is staffed with experienced physicians, PA's, and nurses specially trained in emergency medicine.  In addition, our ER treats patients of all ages and has 24-hour, on-call orthopedic care available.  The goal is to assess and administer care quickly and efficiently.